Member FAQ’s

Q. What is the cost?

A. It’s free to make a payment by e-cheque, bank payment or interac e-Transfer. A small convenience fee of 2.5% is charged to make a payment by credit card.

Q. Why do I have to use, why can’t I just pay the organization directly?

A. Well, that’s the whole reason exists! Making and collecting payments online requires a deep understanding of the banking industry, a customized software platform to process the payment activity, and knowledgeable staff to do the work, monitor the processes, and answer questions. This would be a lot to ask of a single organization, mostly made up of volunteers. It would also be costly for a single organization to do. We take advantage of scale (meaning many organizations and members using our website) to offer an easy-to-use and affordable solution.

Q. How is my information protected?

A. We use state-of-the-art technology that is applied in a way to optimize monitoring, detection and protection. We also work with 3rd-party companies to continually scan our website and identify any potential vulnerabilities. Rest assured that your information is well protected.

Q. Can I pay multiple organizations with only one account?

A. Yes, once you have created your account and added one or more organizations to your personal list, you can make payments to any number of organizations.

Q. What if I have questions?

A. Please first ask the organization representative that sent you the notification about They’ll know best how they want to use it to collect payments. Have more questions? Feel free to send us an email or give us a call, we love to help.

Q. Where is located?

A. Our office is in a suburb of beautiful Ottawa, Ontario. Physical address is 5550 Manotick Main Street and mailing address is PO Box 520, 5550 Manotick Main Street, Ottawa, Ontario K4M 1A5.

Q. Is a Canadian company?

A. Yes we are, 100% – and proud of it! Your money never leaves the country.

Q. Is owned in whole, or in part, by any banks, venture capital firms, or any other businesses?

A. No way! We are our own company which provides us the freedom and flexibility to continue working with organizations and members to save time, effort and money making or receiving payments online.

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