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Welcome to PlayPay

If you’ve arrived here, you must be quite curious about our company – that’s great!

Typical webpages drone-on about exciting things they think you should know. We’re far from typical, so we’ve listed just a few key points that should give you a pretty good sense of our company. Want to know more? Send us an email or give us a call, we’d love to answer all your questions!

We work almost exclusively with those that specialize in play. Why? Because we save these organizations money by offering a payment platform that is two to three times cheaper than the competition. And making any play activity cheaper to participate in, is a good thing to do.
We watched, and more often were part of, the manual and time-consuming process of collecting payments by cheque or cash, running to the mailbox, running to the bank, and chasing NSF’s. We can probably speak for all – it was time to find a better way.
Our team has been, and is – coaches, convenors, fundraisers, tournament and special events organizers, treasurers, vice-presidents and presidents of play organizations. We get it.
Our ‘aha’ moment came when, after exhaustive searching, we discovered there were no solutions out there that met our needs. We weren’t willing to pay the ridiculous rates of 2.5%-3% or more. Enter PlayPay.
We feel our fees (1.0% of the payment amount and a $0.35 transaction fee) is a reasonable and fair cost for an organization to have the convenience of an online payment solution. The competition that charges two to three times more is just gluttonous.
We’re passionate about trying to relieve organizations of what is really a full-time service of collecting money and all that goes into it (and let’s face it, play organizations are run mostly by volunteers!).

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