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Volunteers are a special group of people, offering their time, energy and passion to make a positive impact on their association.  PlayPay helps volunteers save time, and associations collect payments faster, by offer

We’ve published two blog articles detailing the costs of various online payment platforms for minor sports organizations.

Amateur sports organizations are thankful to have great volunteers that keep the gears turning.

The 2017 federal budget was released Mar 22 ’17, and enough time has now passed for pundits and experts to offe

First off - congratulations to the following PlayPay’ers who completed the survey in time and were the draw win

Happy With Your Bank?
September 30/2016

Yes, you read the title correctly.  Some of the big banks in Canada now provide free interac e-Transfers.  If you’ve used e-Tr

It’s a touchy subject, especially amongst a group that from all appearances have a shared vision of contributing the best they can as volunteers for a sports orga

It’s something we hear a lot about. Organizations normally get great feedback about PlayPay from their members – easy to use website, love that four payment options are available, great support,

It’s hard to believe almost three months have passed since our launch in February. We’ve had a numbe

PlayPay Going Strong!
April 14/2016

Barely six weeks have passed since our official launch, and we’re so pleased that organizations across Canada have recognized the benefits and signed-up to

Media outlets are buzzing with news of the 2016 federal budget, but what's it mean for families with kids involved in sports?  Some good, some not so good.

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