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Great Feedback to Our First Survey!
February 13/2017

First off - congratulations to the following PlayPay’ers who completed the survey in time and were the draw winners for the $50 cash prizes! Enjoy the money,...,


·         Gavin Johannson - Alberta

·         Emmanuel Turner - British Columbia

·         Kimberley O'Dell - British Columbia

·         Armen George - Ontario

·         Jaime Fox - Ontario



Now the (even more) fun stuff.


 The survey was emailed to members (i.e., those that used PlayPay to make payments) end of January ’17. We’re amazed that so many took the time to give us their feedback, it was truly appreciated.


Here’s a smattering of initial findings:

·         84% of respondents agreed it was easy to create their PlayPay account.

·         67% liked the PlayPay account design, while 21% were ambivalent about it.

·         82% agreed it was real easy to figure-out how to make payments. (Whew,...,)

·         94% liked receiving payment confirmation emails.


We loved the written comments:

·         Used it once, worked flawlessly.

·         Easy to use website that allowed me to pay my hockey fees. I liked being able to do e-transfers instead of cheques.

·         There was a problem with the info given to make the payment from my bank, a customer service person [from PlayPay] got back to me right away and we solved the issue.


Here’s a comment that we really took to heart:

·         Making multiple payments for multiple children was complicated and confusing.


It wasn’t a common sentiment, but we had heard it before. So we added new functionality - organizations can now choose to have their members pay as a family or separately for each player (the family option was only available previously). We also added a dropdown for members to select a reason for each payment (e.g., registration fee, try-out fee, etc.).


It’s tempting to provide even more survey results but we’ll stop for now. Don’t worry, we’ll be highlighting lots more from the survey in future blog articles.



Thanks for reading.

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