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So You Want to Keep Paying by Cheques or Cash, Eh?!
June 29/2016

It’s something we hear a lot about. Organizations normally get great feedback about PlayPay from their members – easy to use website, love that four payment options are available, great support, and more. However, we also hear that some still complain about paying online, and just want to keep it status quo and pay by cheques or cash. Well to all those that feel this way, this blog article is for you!

Think for a moment, about the volunteer that has to deal with the cheques or cash. While you only have to one time pop it in a dropbox, or mail it, or hand it in during an in-person registration, the volunteer has to traipse to the dropbox, and mail, over and over again as the payments dribble in. And while in-person registration/payment may seem more efficient, it can take hours to set-up, deal with people’s questions, hand-out receipts, and generally keep organized. Add that while cheques are one thing, is it really fair during in-person sessions to literally dump the responsibility of thousands of dollars of cash on the volunteer to get it to the bank safely?

Consider all the effort just to get it in the volunteer’s hands, but that’s really just the beginning. Then things need to be sorted, itemized, deposit slips prepared, and bundled for the bank deposit. The fun doesn’t stop there – then a trip to the bank (more time, and gas on the volunteer’s dime) to wait in line to make the deposit, or drop it in the deposit slot. This process repeats over and over again, as the cheques and cash keep coming in over a few months time.

Speaking of fun, don’t forget that all those cheques don’t clear – inevitably one or two in each batch are deemed NSF (non-sufficient funds). Not only are there additional charges levied by the bank for each NSF, but the volunteer also has to review the payment list and make the uneasy call or email letting the person know their cheque didn’t clear and another is needed – yet another trip to the dropbox or mail.

I have vivid and not so fond memories of when we used to accept cheques and cash for payments” says Carolyn Gosling, now VP of Administration at Ridge Meadows Minor Hockey Association in British Columbia. She held the Treasurer position for one season before taking on the VP role, and then continued to assist the Treasurer for the following season. “It was so much work, something I had to do literally every day to keep on top of it.” Gosling says its difficult finding people to serve in such volunteer roles and that it’s just not reasonable to ask a volunteer to put in that many hours on a weekly basis.

So here comes the news flash Mr. or Ms. Member that wants to keep paying by cheques or cash – while online solutions are indeed intended to provide you convenience and ease of payment, they’re really for the benefit of the volunteers (and inevitably the association)! It’s time to PAY ONLINE - stop the grumbling, check the year (because it’s 2016), realize online has many benefits, and do a big favour to the volunteers that work tirelessly to make your organization great.

Thanks for reading.

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