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Looking for an online sports payment platform? Here’s what we do.
February 14/2020

Amateur sports organizations are thankful to have great volunteers that keep the gears turning. These volunteers generously step forward to ensure that all of the administrative and organizational duties are taken care of, so that all the parents and children can simply, play is able to help save these volunteers precious hours and stress by offering an online payment platform which organizes all of the organization’s specific activities (i.e. team fees, conditioning camp, tournaments, etc.), while also tracking the payment records for all of the organization’s members. By creating a virtual dashboard, organization volunteers can seamlessly track which members have signed up for which activities, which members have paid, and the remaining amounts owing. The organization can customize their own dashboard for specific events, as well as filter for those members who have yet to pay in full. allows members to pay by e-cheque, bank payment or interac e-Transfer free of charge, while charging a 2.5% convenience fee for payment by credit card. The organization pays a small amount of 1% of the payment amount + $0.35 transaction fee + GST/HST. Demo and account set up are provided free of charge. Please see our previous blog article ’Update 2019: Online Payment Options - Know the Costs!’ to see how our competitors compare.

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