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Update 2019: Online Payment Options – Know the Costs!
April 02/2019

We’ve published two blog articles detailing the costs of various online payment platforms for minor sports organizations. In our first article, we focused on the sport of hockey and showed how associations could save more than double by using PlayPay instead of Hockey Canada’s (HC) online payment option. In our second article, we discovered that GoalLine’s payment solution is THREE times more expensive than PlayPay!

Although the first two articles used hockey as the example, of course the comparisons are relevant for any type of sports organizations. In this third installment of Know the Costs, we’ve added the payment solutions offered by PayPal and TeamSnap in our calculation of comparisons.

HC’s payment details were documented in the first blog article and have changed only slightly since then (click here for current rates). GoalLine does not post their fees, so we sat through a sales demo and learned its 2.99% of the payment amount plus a $0.65 transaction fee. PayPal fees are 2.9% of the payment amount plus a $0.30 transaction fee. TeamSnap fees are 1.99% for direct debits and 2.99% for credit card payments, both also add a $0.99 transaction fee. PlayPay fees are only 1% of the payment amount and a $0.35 transaction fee.

To keep it simple, we’ll use the same example as in the previous blog articles, with ABC association from Ontario (meaning 13% HST) that has 500 members who each paid a $750 registration fee, so $375,000 in total fees. Total annual fees would be as follows:

·        Hockey Canada - $9,920.13 ($375,000 x 2.1%, plus 500 x $0.89, plus 13% HST, plus $518.53 admin)

·        GoalLine - $13,037.38 ($375,000 x 2.99%, plus 500 x $0.65, plus 13% HST)

·        PayPal - $12,458.25 ($375,000 x 2.9%, plus 500 x $0.30, plus 13% HST)

·        TeamSnap - $11,110.73 ($187,500 x 1.99%, plus $187,500 x 2.99%, plus 500 x $0.99, plus 13% HST)

·        PlayPay - $4,435.25 ($375,000 x 1.0%, plus 500 x $0.35, plus 13% HST)


So if you’re a hockey association, the next cheapest is HC’s payment option at more than double the fees. If you’re not a hockey association, your only options are paying two-and-a-half to three times more compared to PlayPay.


We think the choice is obvious. Add that PlayPay’s platform offers a registration component at no extra cost, as well as four options from which members can choose to make payments (credit cards, e-cheques, bank payments and interac e-transfers).


Take two minutes and sign-up or FREE, and we’ll do the rest. Get payments out of the way and get back to play.


Thanks for reading.

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