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PlayPay – An Online Payment Solution Making A Difference
March 15/2018

Volunteers are a special group of people, offering their time, energy and passion to make a positive impact on their association.  PlayPay helps volunteers save time, and associations collect payments faster, by offering the only affordable online payment solution in Canada devoted solely to sports associations.

PlayPay was launched in 2016 to fill a critical void for volunteer organizations.  On the one hand, their members were yearning for an online solution for making payments.  But the cost of existing options were upwards of 3% in fees every year (check-out GoalLine, PayPal, or Hockey Canada’s own payment offering for that matter).  After all, would it be prudent for an association who collects, for example, $400,000 in registration fees, to pay about $12,000 each season for the simple luxury of having an online solution?  The answer is obviously No, an unfortunate lose-lose situation.

With PlayPay, associations can offer their members a fully customizable payment solution at a guaranteed lowest rate of only 1% of the payment amount and a $0.35 transaction fee. $12,000 in fees would be slashed by almost two-thirds to about $4,500 (yes, really!), a much more reasonable and manageable cost.  Online finally becomes affordable.

Many organizations have signed-up over the past two years to take advantage of PlayPay’s super low rate. Add a simple and intuitive website, and suddenly lose-lose becomes win-win.  Check-out our website for more information or give us a call.  Get payments out of the way and get back to play.

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