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Update 2017: Online Payment Options – Know the Costs!
February 16/2017

Almost a year ago we published our first blog article comparing the costs of Hockey Canada’s (HC) online payment option and PlayPay. A lot has happened since then and we’re pleased to report that over the past 12 months we’ve helped many associations get online with payments and, most importantly, save thousands of dollars by switching from more costly solutions.


We felt it was fitting to revisit this issue by not only reviewing again HC’s payment option, but also the payment solution offered by GoalLine. It was these two payment offerings that we heard most about (meaning complaining about the costs), and that many of the associations eagerly abandoned once PlayPay launched.


HC’s payment details were documented in the first blog article, and we understand have changed only slightly since then (click here for current rates). GoalLine seems to only reveal their rates if you agree to a sales demo. We sat through one and learned the fees are 2.99% of the payment amount and a $0.65 transaction fee.


Let’s use the same example as a year ago, with ABC association from Ontario that has 500 members who each paid a $750 registration fee, so $375,000 in total fees. Total annual costs would be as follows:

·         Hockey Canada - $9,920.13 ($375,000 x 2.1%, plus 500 x $0.89, plus 13% HST, plus $518.53 admin)

·         GoalLine - $13,037.38 ($375,000 x 2.99%, plus 500 x $0.65, plus 13% HST)

·         PlayPay - $4,435.25 ($375,000 x 1.0%, plus 500 x $0.35, plus 13% HST)


We feel the savings speak for themselves. But don’t just take it from us; Ridge Meadows minor hockey in BC switched to PlayPay and estimates saving over $10,000 per season in payment fees!


Just as we said in our first article, there’s no reason to delay. Add that our first member survey showed overwhelmingly positive feedback. Sign-up today. Get payments out of the way, and get back to play.



Thanks for reading.

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