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Hockey Canada’s Online Payment Option – Know the Costs!
February 24/2016

While the start of a new season is still a few months away, we know that volunteers will soon be toiling away at collecting payments for next season. For those that use Hockey Canada’s (HC) online payment option, or are considering its use, take a few minutes to read this article to understand the costs.

The details of HC’s payment option and associated costs are listed below. Let’s put it all in context. To keep it simple, let’s say ABC association has 500 members and they each paid a $750 registration fee, so $375,000 in total registration fees. Multiply by the per payment transaction fee of $19.90 (see below), and the cost to the association would be $9,952.48. Don’t forget the one-time and on-going annual administration and hosting fees – total of $518.53. Added together, the total annual cost of using the HC online payment option for ABC association would be $10,471.01. Remember there’s also a $2 per transaction convenience fee levied by HC, so that’s another $1,000. Is HC’s online payment option really worth almost $11,500 every season?!

Compare using - the above scenario would only cost $3,687.50 ($375,000 x 0.95%, plus 500 x $0.25). That’s a savings of almost $8,000 – now that’s something to get excited about!

Sign-up to today. Members can pay online for free and choose from four easy payment options - credit card, e-cheque, bank payment and interac e-Transfer. Organizations can easily track member payments, export to reconcile with other information, and have the payments automatically deposited to their bank account.

There’s no reason to delay – get payments out of the way, and get back to play.

HC’s Online Payment Option

HC offers minor hockey associations a free online registration system. A few years ago, they partnered with QuickEnrollment ( to add the payment option. Associations can continue to use the registration component at no cost, but must choose (if interested) to separately enrol into the online payment component. The one-time and recurring costs are as follows:

  • One-time set-up fee - $99 plus HST.
  • Annual administration fee - $120 plus HST ($10/month for 12 months).
  • Annual hosting fee - $239.88 plus HST ($19.99/month for 12 months).
  • Per transaction processing fee - 2.23%, plus $0.89, plus HST. A whopping $19.90 fee is charged for a $750 payment!
  • Per transaction convenience fee separately charged by HC - $2.




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