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what is playpay.ca?

Calling all SPORTS and other PLAY organizations - we're an online payment solution developed specifically for YOU!

We're the cheapest way to receive payments online with a rate of only 1.0% (yes, only 1%!).

why playpay.ca?

We’re passionate about building an efficient, easy-to-use and super cost-effective solution to collect payments online.

PlayPay's low processing rate first caught our attention. Sign-up was a breeze, and the company is really enthusiastic about helping in any way they can. Our whole executive is excited that we finally have an online payment solution for our parents, but also for the convenience and efficiency of our volunteer efforts.
Mark McGlynn, Treasurer, Brockville Minor Hockey

who is going to benefit?

(meaning those that pay so they, or their kids, can play)
Organization Volunteers
(meaning the money people)
(meaning associations, leagues, clubs, camps, and more)
(meaning, well,..., the environment!)
Pay multiple organizations from your account. No more line-ups or mailing cheques, wondering when they will be cashed.
Free-up time to do other things. Audit trail of all payments. Easily export and merge payment data with other member information.
An online payment solution at a super low rate. Summary and detailed reports of all payment activity. Payments deposited directly to your bank account.
We’re not just being trendy. Cheques and envelopes use paper and ink, and transporting them uses fuel.
No cost to join. Get the cheapest rate with playpay.ca.